12V, 8,5Ah NPW45-12 151x65x94 +-

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The Yuasa NPW 45-12 stationary lead-acid VRLA battery (12V, 45W / Cell, 10 min.) With a nominal capacity of 8.5Ah and 12V voltage and high power is manufactured using AGM technology (thickened electrolyte). The service life is 3-5 years. It can work both in buffer mode and in cyclic (charge-discharge) mode. The battery is maintenance free and completely sealed. Production Taiwan (China). It has no restrictions on transportation by land, sea and water. Great for uninterruptible power supplies. It tolerates deep discharges well and quickly recovers. Yuasa NPW 45-12 is one of the best batteries on the market in its capacity and category.

Battery Features:

Sealed design ensures no electrolyte leaks
Recombination of up to 99% of the emitted gases thanks to the AGM technology.
Minimum operating and maintenance costs.
Significantly extend the battery life of lead plates doped with calcium.
Yuasa NPW45-12 is resistant to deep discharges.
Battery case made of ABS plastic does not support combustion.
The low level of self-discharge of the battery allows you to store it without recharging for a long time.
There are no restrictions on transport by air, including air.
Possibility of operation in the buffer and cyclic mode.

Kõrgus 94
Laius 65
Pikkus 151
Volt 12
AH (C20) 8,5
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