Battery Charger YUASA YCX-5A 12В 5A

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YCX5.0 12V 5A Yuasa 8-Stage Smart Charger 

The YUASA YCX5A12E charger with an 8-stage fully automatic charging cycle, reverse current is designed to charge and recharge 12-volt motorcycle batteries with capacities from 1.2Ah to 110Ah. Battery Types: WET, MF, Ca / Ca, AGM and GEL

  • For all suitable types of vehicles, motorcycles, ATV and many others.
  • can charge small motorcycle batteries
  • set to “cold” allows loads at temperatures below zero. It is also a mode for charging AGM batteries that require a higher charging voltage.
  • Only one wheel is equipped with ledowy to accurately display the current charging phase located on the front panel
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