Dometic CombiCool refrigerator 40L

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The Dometic CombiCool absorption refrigerator is extremely universal. The CombiCool refrigerator works with liquefied petroleum gas, direct current (12V) or mains (230V), allowing you to use the refrigerator in any situation. A special feature of the refrigerator is the operation on gas without electrical connection!

Totally silent
Piezo igniter, 3-stage flame control in gas mode
Thermostat in 230V mode
High enough to keep 1.5- and 2-liter bottles upright
Ice cube tray

Capacity: 40 liters
Works with voltage: 12 and 230V
Cooling capacity: 25 ° C below ambient temperature
Gas: LPG liquefied gas (30 mbar)
Consumes gas: 10.6g / h
Power consumption: 12V: 85W; 230V: 85W
Housing: Tin
Weight: 16kg

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