Landport LP VRLA NSA LP6-4,5 T1 6V 4Ah 70x47x106

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LANDPORT VRLA AGM Absorbent Glass Mat Technology (Absorbent Glass Mat Technology)
Completely closed. Maintenance free. Excellent cycle life.
VRLA AGM is a reliable and safe standby battery manufactured according to AGM technology. This lead-acid battery has an excellent sealing cycle due to its completely sealed, maintenance-free and durable construction.

VRLA AGM is suitable for:
For a variety of standby applications in a variety of industries, including security systems (alarms, fire alarm systems and emergency lighting), backup / uninterruptible power supply (UPS), medical and healthcare services (patient lifts, electric lifts (stairs and bath lifts), telecommunication systems, solar power systems, green scooters, toys).

Many VRLA AGM batteries are VdS certified, which means that these batteries meet the high demands of the security industry.

Warranty 6 months

Kõrgus 106
Laius 46.5
Pikkus 70
Volt 6
AH (C20) 4.5
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  • Unique electrolyte fixation system maximizes service life
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