Optima Blue Top AGM L+ O827227000 12V 66Ah/845A 310x172x221 +-

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In the harsh conditions of the sea, the capabilities of the Optima battery with a blue and yellow top are more clearly manifested. It completely eliminates the possibility of leakage of electrolyte. Thus, the power supply from the battery will not stop due to vibration generated by the engine or shock from the sea.
All this was made possible thanks to the Optima roll element production technology, which allows a compact battery with a low degree of self-discharge to be placed in a limited space. These qualities together with high power make the Optima blue-top battery indispensable for all types of water transport, where the reliability of the energy source plays a vital role. This battery successfully combines the best features of a starter and traction battery. Like other Optima batteries, Optima with a blue top can be installed in any position, even upside down.
Optima with a blue and yellow top is the ideal battery for anyone who needs both a large scroll current and the battery's ability to power onboard equipment. All battery models are maintenance-free and have a high-strength, sealed enclosure.

Kõrgus 221
Laius 172
Pikkus 310
Volt 12
AH (C20) 66
A (En) CCA 845
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