Optima Blue Top Boat l+ O816253000 12V/55Ah/765A 254x175x200 +/-

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Optima batteries with a blue top, available in two forms, ideally meet the many requirements that arise in marine conditions.

The starter model "Optima" with a blue top is a battery that, even in conditions of high humidity, after periods of prolonged inactivity provides maximum power to start the engine.

The traction starter battery with a blue top, in addition to a large scroll current, reliably feeds all on-board equipment and, thanks to the technology for the production of roll elements, provides you with the necessary reserve capacity.

A container specially designed for Optima batteries allows two batteries to be connected in series or in parallel for 12 or 24 volt systems.

Optima with a blue top finds its application on all types of ships.

The use of Optima batteries in water transport is approved by the Lloyd's Register of Shipping.

Kõrgus 20
Laius 175
Pikkus 254
Volt 12
AH (C20) 55
A (En) CCA 765
Klemmide tüüp/Terminal B01
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