Optima Red Top AGM O82225500 12V 44Ah/730A 237x172x197 +-

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The red top battery provides reliable engine starting on vehicles that are heavily exploited by professionals. The creation of a powerful and compact battery capable of starting both heavy diesel engines and many other internal combustion engines, including the engine of your car, was made possible thanks to the Optima roll element manufacturing technology. This technology provides a high starting current regardless of the ambient temperature in the range from -40 to +40 degrees Celsius.
The rugged case and the tightness of the Optima battery makes it resistant to strong vibration and allows it to work without maintenance, no matter where your adventures begin.

This battery is not larger than a conventional 55 Ah battery used in a passenger car. However, in its ability to provide a starter with a large (up to 1050 A) current. And in other properties, the Optima battery is superior to traditional 190 Ah batteries, which are much larger.

Kõrgus 197
Laius 237
Pikkus 172
Volt 12
AH (C20) 44
A (En) CCA 730
Klemmide tüüp/Terminal B01
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