Optima Red Top AGM O804250000 L+ 12V 50Ah/815A AGM +-

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OPTIMA Red Top batteries provide reliable starting of engines of intensively operated vehicles and are capable of starting both heavy diesel engines and other internal combustion engines.
The rugged housing and the tightness of OPTIMA Red Top batteries make them extremely resistant to strong vibration and allow you to work without any maintenance.
With a size of no more than a conventional battery with a capacity of 55Ah, the battery is capable of providing a starter with a very high current (up to 1,000A at 0 ° C) and thus even exceed some standard batteries with a capacity of 190Ah (for example, Extra Start type).
The OPTIMA Red Top battery withstands discharge-charge cycles without sacrificing capacity and has a very low degree of self-discharge.

Kõrgus 200
Laius 175
Pikkus 254
Volt 12
AH (C20) 50
A (En) CCA 815
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