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Battery off-road Optima YellowTop. Special vehicles equipped with winches, devices for warming up the engine, large audio systems and other current consumers require high-power batteries. For such systems, the Optima battery with a yellow top is designed. This battery maintains a high voltage as it discharges, allowing you to use its current to a much greater extent than the current of a conventional battery.
The technology for the production of roll elements allows the Optima battery to combine the advantages of starter and traction batteries. The battery with a yellow top can withstand discharge-charge many times without sacrificing capacity and is ideal for seasonal use, as it has a very low degree of self-discharge.

Kõrgus 227
Laius 129
Pikkus 227
Volt 12
AH (C20) 38
A (En) CCA 640
Klemmide tüüp/Terminal B01
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